Developing Personalized Treatment Plans Based on Comprehensive Skin Analysis Can Be Difficult Without Advanced Imaging Tools

Customization at Your Fingertips

Customize your clinic’s catolog of concerns, treatment offerings, and products to create digital reports, side-by-side comparisons, tailored skincare regimens to send them to your clients.

Embed links on these reports to other resources such as your website, before & after galleries, pre & post care, payment & financing options, and more.

Talking with a patient in the salon

Show Your Patients More

The key to provide a tailored approach to your clients’ skin needs and goals is to have unbiased insights and visual proof of the starting point of the skin condition. Observ 520x enables practitioners to capture the complexity of skin appearance and skin health.

By documenting your clients’ journey through photos, you can monitor their progress of such treatments. Observ 520x is a powerful tool that accentuates the trusted value of your aesthetic team and quality of the treatments and products that you offer.

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