The Best Esthetician Tools of the Trade: Why The Skincare Tools You Use Matter

As estheticians, dermatologists, and doctors you share the same mission: to provide high-quality, radiant results for your patients. Regardless of how knowledgeable or experienced you may be in your field, you rely on specific tools each day to help people achieve extraordinary results. These tools are responsible for assessing and providing an initial diagnosis, advising on treatment plans, recommending regimented skincare routines and products, and providing updates throughout the healing process, all with the purpose of aiding patients in achieving their healthiest and most radiant-looking selves. As the skincare industry continues to evolve rapidly, it is even more crucial for you to have the best esthetician tools at your disposal.

In your efforts to create and maintain gorgeous outcomes for your patients, you are probably used to utilizing a variety of tools to clean, treat, and ultimately heal the skin. Cosmetic dermatologists might use ultrasound devices, chemical peels, or various facial rejuvenating devices. Practitioners in aesthetic medicine could rely on tools such as injectibles, hydrafacial machines, or fractional radiofrequency devices. There are a lot of different skin tools and technologies out there, some delivering even better results than others. As each tool and each patient’s skin desires are different, using the best esthetician tools as optimally as possible is key. That is why determining the skin type of the patient is a good starting point to make sure the most beneficial treatments and products can be selected. An insight into the desired downtime is second, as some tools are more invasive and will take a longer time to heal. Additionally, a patient can feel anxious as some tools you use, like a IPL laser and tixel, look intimidating. Taking time to educate and making the patient feel at ease can greatly benefit their experience and make the treatment itself more relaxed. This is why it is important for both you and your patients to have access to the best esthetician tools that allow you to deeply visualize the skin itself, so that your consultations can be both as thorough and approachable as possible for your patients.

While all these tools are an important part of your day-to-day activities, before you start using them the most important part is to delve deep into your patients’ concerns and desired outcomes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could rely on one specific tool that could not only provide rapid and precise skin assessments but also show a visual analysis of each patient’s skin? So many of us are guilty of wanting overnight results and lighting-speed improvements. However, healthy and beautiful skin is often developed over time, and might not always be immediately obvious to the naked eye. Being able to see underneath each layer of skin and assess each component is crucial to developing the most thorough skin diagnosis and treatment plan.

The Observ 520x transforms the industry by giving both practitioners and patients high-quality pictures of all the different elements that influence their appearance, all while being user-friendly, compact, and portable. This device captures high-resolution photos of the different layers of skin and even focuses on different components, such as texture, pore size, pigmentation, and so much more. You can then use these images to build personalized treatment plans and educate your patients. Additionally, reassure your patients their treatment is working by showing the before and after results, even if they cannot see a noticeable change right away with the naked eye. The Observ 520x can capture up to 10 HD images in 10 seconds, is iOS-compatible, and is made for any modern-day clinic workflow.

In the end, the trust between a patient who shows their vulnerability and their doctor’s personalized advice is one of the main persuasions to start a treatment journey. Give your patients the best possible results, all while using the fastest and most intuitive skin analysis device to prove that your expertise is leading to healthier skin. We understand that you might need to see for yourself, too! That is why our demos create a hands-on and personalized learning experience, whenever suits you best, giving you a more comprehensive overview of the Observ 520x. Book a demo today!