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We are connected.
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We are innovative.
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We are intuitive.

We are Sylton.

Whether you are an aesthetician or a cosmetic dermatologist, Sylton gives you the tools and technology needed to make the best decisions for your patients.
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The United States of America
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The Netherlands
Current Team Size
30+ Industry Professionals
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Available Worldwide

25 Years of
Skincare Research

More than 25 years of experience and profound knowledge of human skin and hair biology have led to the realization of many successful relationships with cosmetic multinationals and beauty brands.

Our founder, Walter Arkesteijn, is a pioneer in the field of how to illuminate skin and studied intensely how different wavelengths of light can help visualize underlying skin problems.

We partnered with R&D departments in developing new analysis tools and designed custom-made POS consultation tools for cosmetic brands while at the same time using these learnings to develop a solution specifically to help you as a practitioner as creating the circumstances to make qualitative before and after pictures is no easy feat.

Brands We’ve Supported

Our Company Values

A leader in skin analysis, Sylton produces skin assessment equipment for the global beauty industry. Our products are created and developed by the experienced engineering team of InnoFaith beauty sciences, which has over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry.

We're open minded, curious and creative. This optimistic mindset allows us to keep moving forward through even the most challenging development processes.
Mutually Beneficial Partnerships
Strong relationships with our distributors form an integral part of our organisation, as well as our link to the market. Different viewpoints and experiences enrich us every day.
A Clear Commitment
Over 25 years of R&D experience, as well as frequent long-term projects, show that we're in for the long run. All the way.
This shines through in everything we say and do. Both internally, with our small team of experts, as externally, with our valued partners, progress is founded on the principles of transparency.
Passion & Fun
Passion motivates, drives and allows us to create. This passion flows from our fun and positive work environment.

Prioritizing Customer

Privacy & Security

We understand the critical importance of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of privacy sensitive data. With our GDPR and HIPPA certifications all images and data are safely stored in Sylton Safe Cloud. We are proud to announce that we have also achieved ISO 27001 certification, a globally recognized standard for information security management systems. ISO 27001 certification signifies that we have implemented rigorous security measures and controls, covering every aspect of our operations. From data handling and storage to access controls and risk assessment, we have meticulously adhered to the ISO 27001 framework to fortify our data security posture.

Get to Know Our Leadership Team

Get to Know Our Leadership Team
Meet the people who are spearheading the future of skincare. We work with the most talented professionals in the industry.
  • Roland_van_Marlen
    Roland van Marlen
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Walter Arkesteijn
  • Robert Versteeg
    Managing Director of Sylton International B.V.
  • Isabel
    Isabelle Thorrez
    Inside Sales and Customer Service Representative
  • Monique Brilleslijper
    Corporate Account Manager
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