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Show What Lies Beneath

The innovative light modes show all that goes on in the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin so you can treat patients where it matters most: before aging and concerns start as we all know: true beauty comes from within Learn More

9 HD Images in 10 Seconds

See deeper levels of skin and reach the next level of skin consultations Learn More

iOS Compatible

Bring your images everywhere with the intuitive iPad app Learn More
Observe 320

Striking Skin Tour

Take your clients on a skin tour and show them what goes on beneath the skin surface. This highly interactive view of their skin (concerns) leads to a much more engaging and convincing treatment advice Learn More

4 HD Images in 4 Seconds

See deeper levels of skin and reach the next level of skin consultations Learn More

iOS Compatible

No incomprehensible concepts or difficult visualizations. Just a very intuitive iPad app that will wow your clients and help you give insight. Easy peezy Learn More

Adjustable Mobile Stand

Move your Observ520x around with ease and always position the Observ in the most comfortable way for you and your client.


When using the soft Observ headband in black, especially on patients with a light hair color, you will notice a better image result immediately.
By using the black Observ cape, even when a client does not close the shade completely, the color of the clothing will not distort the images.

Picture. Perfect.

Reveal what the naked eye cannot see, show patients unbiased proof, and assess any number of skin concerns. With Sylton innovations, you can build confidence in your expertise and loyalty for your practice.
Learn More

Cloud-Based Technology

Your images and consultations are always secure in our cloud. Made to meet the latest requirements in digital safety, while your client data is still easy and quickly accessible. The Sylton Safe Cloud Technology is not just a place to store your images, it also makes working together a breeze. You can access all images on any iPad connected to your salon whenever, wherever.
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High Praise from Happy Customers

Of course, we believe in our own devices as we work relentlessly to keep them cutting edge. So we are very proud our customers have some nice things to say about them as well.

“If patients like to know how successful their treatments were I let the Observ do the talking.”

Kelly Hermans, CRNA
Founder of Beautiphi, Michigan

“I have really enjoyed using the Observ®520x. It’s great for both diagnoses and follow up comparisons. Pictures are very clear and easy to interpret.

Definitely would recommend it!”

Mrs. Rosanna Berjemo
MedAestheticsAventura, Miami
Dr. Sergio Fernandez

“One of the most important consultations of a patient in my clinic is undoubtedly the diagnosis and to know the state of their skin I find it essential to do a study with Observ.

Thanks to the quality of the images analyzed with its different light filters, I am able to carry out a more exhaustive analysis of the skin obtaining a high degree of satisfaction for the patient in the evaluation of their before and after images as I am able to develop much more precise work protocols.”

Dr. Sergio Fernández
Medical director Le Med, Madrid
Dr. Tiina Mede

“Observ imaging of the skin is so comprehensive and easy to understand, patients like to see their skin changing in a course of treatment and it helps to motivate them to follow all doctor’s recommendations.”

Dr. Tiina Meder
Meder Beauty Science Ltd, UK
Tina Paku

“Exceptional skin plans resulting in happy clients.”

Tina Paku
The Lab, New Zealand
Dr. Tiina Mede

“Observ is a perfect tool for dermatologists helping to see into the skin deep but with no difficulty to explain it to patients like many other visualization tools on the market.”

Dr. Tiina Meder
Meder Beauty Science Ltd, UK
Dr. Tiina Mede

“I looked for a device helping to visualize the skin realistically for many years, but only when I’ve got a chance to use Observ, did I find what I needed.”

Dr. Tiina Meder
Meder Beauty Science Ltd, UK
Tina Paku

“Different light. They get a better understanding of their own skin which makes it easier to support them with advice to get the right solution!”

Tina Paku
The Lab, New Zealand

“My staff enjoy using Observ. It has been incredibly satisfying to watch how proud they are when they can monitor their client’s progress with such accuracy.”

Teresa Sime
Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty, New Zealand
H.F. Cindy Hsiao Office

“Observ 520x is the most innovative technology for skin analysis. Its intuitive design makes it very user-friendly. I love its portability and space-saving. Our patients are always amazed to discover what lies underneath the visible layer of their skin. Once they see the potential problem areas, they have a better understanding of the procedures/skincare products that we recommend.”

H.F. Cindy Hsiao
Eye Candy Vision and Beauty Clinic, California
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