The Proof is in the Pictures: How High-Quality Imaging Can Revolutionize Skin Analysis in Any Clinic

There are many important components to one’s journey to feeling good in your skin. Some might consider the products they are using to be the most important. Others might focus on the frequency of aesthetic appointments as the biggest part of the equation. All of these factors, however, are nothing if they are not adapted to the specific needs and wants of your skin. Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked parts of any skin improvement journey is also the most crucial part: the skin analysis.

An initial skin analysis assesses the patient’s current skin conditions and guides dermatologists and estheticians in creating a thorough and personalized treatment plan.

These initial examinations have the potential to identify a variety of health issues related to the skin. This will aid professionals in determining the necessary tools, products, or treatments that could improve one’s overall skin health. Because of this, it is so important to be able to perform extensive skin analyses for your patients.

As technology continues to advance, so have the ways in which we analyze our skin. Dr. Kristina Donnay, owner of Maricopa Wellness Center in Maricopa, Arizona, recalls how they used to conduct an initial skin analysis. “In the past, we gave each patient a mirror and asked them what they wanted to improve.” she reflected. While it is important to have collaborative consultations with patients, relying only on the naked eye to assess one’s skin might not be the most comprehensive way to determine next steps in their skincare journey.

Enter the Observ 520x: the fastest and most reliable skin analysis machine available.

The Observ pushes beyond what we can see with our eyes and uses light-speed technology to capture what is going on underneath one’s skin. By photographing each layer of skin and focusing on individual skin components, practitioners can combine these images with their expertise to craft the most personalized plan for healthy skin. Dr. Donnay saw the value of incorporating the Observ 520x with her patients. “Our consultations are so much more efficient and collaborative,” she said. “Patients tell me that they walk away feeling like they have made a positive first step in their skin journey.” The Observ 520x is useful not only in the initial skin analysis but throughout one’s healing process as well. Practitioners can revisit these images with their patients, on their iPad or any other internet-connected device via Sylton Connect, revealing that healthy changes are happening, even if they are beneath the skin.

Not only is the Observ 520x able to provide you and your patient with 10 high-quality images in 10 seconds, but it also has the capability to create even more efficiency within your practice. After integrating the Observ 520x into her clinic, Donnay recalls how much time she saved by using the machine. “I did not realize how much time we were losing until we started using Observ 520x. I had my entire staff trained, so anyone, including our front desk, could take patient images.” This means that doctors could trust other members of their team to use the technology, increasing the effectiveness of the patient flow within their clinics, being able to distribute the task of taking pictures and doing the first quick skin assessment from the doctor to the supporting staff.

Are you interested in taking your skin analyses to the next level through high-quality images, convenience, and efficiency?

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