Precise Skin Assessments, Assured Treatment

Why did you choose a career in dermatology or aesthetics? Odds are, you love the idea of being a transformative part of a person’s journey to healthy and radiant skin. You probably enjoy seeing a patient’s confidence flourish as their skin changes and heals. You might even appreciate the trust that can build between you and your patients as you curate their personalized treatment plan. All of these elements are dependent on one vital step: the facial assessment.

Skin assessments play a vastly important role in achieving optimal skincare results for your patients, and at Sylton, our mission is to revolutionize your skin assessments through the most advanced tools and technology.

We believe the highest quality skin assessments occur face-to-face, with the opportunity to closely examine your patient’s skin. Being able to listen to your patient’s skin concerns while simultaneously observing the skin itself will give you a more comprehensive overview of each patient’s specific needs. However, how we observe and assess our patients’ skin must be precise.

A meticulous and in-depth skin assessment is revolutionary. From your detailed assessment results, you will be able to develop the most personalized and effective experience, which will lead to both a strong treatment plan and a strong relationship with your patient.

At Sylton, we have developed powerful technology that allows for precision in skin assessments every time. Our Observ 320 and 520x machines elevate every skin assessment by providing images of the different skin layers and components.

Let’s explore how our technology works. Our Observ tools capture high-quality images of the different layers of your patient’s skin. It uses ten different light modes to examine various skin concerns more closely, giving you the most in-depth skin analysis. Dermatologist James Wang, MD (Los Angeles, California) describes the way in which the preciseness of the Observ technology has expanded his practice. “From a medical perspective, we treat things like rosacea, conditions that are not necessarily obvious at the surface of the skin just by looking at a lesion. Observ 520x gives us a much deeper understanding of what the issue is, guiding treatment options rather than us simply trying different things to see what works, which may take weeks.”

Using our technology, you also will be able to show these images to your patients themselves, giving them the most extensive information about what is going on beneath their skin. Observ 520x only needs ten seconds to capture ten images. Face positioning technology is also embedded in the Observ, making each image captured consistent. With the help of these friendly features, our goal is for you to be able to incorporate the Observ into your own workflow assessments with ease.

Based on the precise imaging during your skin assessment, you will be able to create a personalized treatment plan for each patient. You also will be able to reassure your patients that your treatment is working, even if they cannot see a change right away. Makan Lajevardi, owner of Avissa Skin+Body, describes the changes his patients have been able to see using Observ.

“Clients cannot see the structural changes taking place in the skin after treatment, so being able to actually show them that the treatment and products are working helps inspire client confidence in our providers’ expertise.”

When it comes to skin assessments, using high-quality imaging makes all the difference. Observ technology’s ability to capture your patients’ skin from five different angles using ten different light modes will guide you in thoroughly assessing your patient’s skin needs. Sylton is committed to continuing to develop the most cutting-edge technology, giving you the tools you need to establish patient relationships, create personalized treatment plans, and instill confidence in your own expertise.